The Overlord Academy

What We Do


If you want to learn new skills, feel more confident and get a head start on life come and join The Overlord Academy in Dubai.


Using principles from British army training establishments such as the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, we build character, resilience and teamwork to a level demanded of our future leaders. Our aim is to inspire young people from 6 – 16 years old to challenge their boundaries, grow their capabilities and go further in life.

What is The Overlord Academy?

First ever military-inspired adventure cadet club in Dubai

We are not the Scouts and we are not the army cadets, but we are definitely a hybrid of the two. A blend of both worlds, a fusion of two great organisations that offer countless opportunities for young people to thrive and develop. We are a new adventure cadet force, aimed at 6 – 16 year olds, led and operated by ex-British army instructors known as The Overlord Academy. Our small troops come together weekly and at occasional weekends for fun, friendship, action and adventure.

Why is it important?

The modern world is changing people’s everyday lives. The way we connect and collaborate in civil society is evolving. Although there are benefits to this shift, the more we depend on technology to lead our lives, the less reliant we become on our own human capabilities. More than ever, we need to remember how to be self-reliant team players who can lead and survive in the outdoors. Mastering the soft skills is what will make the next generation of leaders stand out from the rest. Joining one of our troops is how we can guide and coach your child in the same direction while having lots of fun. Using the CIRCLE method below we will build the character of an army officer by concentrating on 6 core traits: Confidence, Independence, Resilience, Collaboration, Leadership & Endurance.

For only a few

We have limited the number of cadets to only 12 in each troop to make sure we have meaningful interactions between our cadets and instructors. The groups are small enough to help form strong comradeship amongst fellow cadets, very similar to how small sections operate in the real armed forces.