The Overlord Academy


To be the best outdoor education, leadership and character development training establishment for all schools in the UAE. We want to empower, inspire and coach the leaders of tomorrow through our unique activity days and school camps, led by our professional team of UK Military personnel.

What do we do?

Ex Fortitude – The most exciting day trip for schools in the UAE!

Exercise Fortitude is an experience like no other. Your school year group will be privately invited to an exclusive aviation training facility to experience how aircrew are trained in a survival environment. There is a jungle room, an arctic room, fire fighfighting scenario, sea survival pool and the aircraft siumulator with evacuation slide!  Learn to lead, work as a team and build your courage in a unique setting. 

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 1:30pm
Age: Year 5+ 
Cost: TBC
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Fun activity days brought directly to your school

Whether it’s a week without walls you are running or a few hours of training outside of the classroom, we’ve got you covered. Our team of instructors will bring down our ‘battle wagon’ full of fun. We’ve got tyres, planks, binoculars, radios, camouflage nets and much more.

Using similar training methods to the British Army, we will create an engaging day full of ‘hands on’ learning activities designed to build the character of an amry officer. There are obstacles to complete, codes to break and games to play which will leave your class full of energy and excitement. Days like this are proven to increase morale, spirit and focus in the classroom. 
Monday to Friday: 9am to 1:30pm 
Age: Any 
Cost: TBC
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Introduction Camps


We understand that it can be daunting for children to take their first residential trip away. Which is why we have created a fantastic ‘rookie camp’ for Year 2 & Year 3. Based in familar environment such as the school campus, and surrounded by their teachers, this is an excellent opportunity for the younger years to experience their first overnight camp.
We make the adventure fun by learning skills such as first aid, fire lighting and survival techniques. There are also some command tasks to complete and the finale is our little obstacle course that takes them around the school grounds. 
Thursday to Friday: 2pm (Thu) to 10:00am (Fri) 
Age: Year 2 to 5
Cost: TBC Email us to discuss your needs directly with the team:

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