Overlord Academy


“We want to teach young people how to become inspirational leaders, effective team players, confident decision makers and more resilient individuals in the outdoors, so that they can thrive in later life.”



Monty is the founder and Chief Instructor at The Overlord Academy. After commissioning as an officer, he went on to serve for over 8 years in the British Army and conducted operations within a parachute Brigade all over the world. Since leaving the forces and studying at different business schools, Monty was surprised by how much of the corporate world used lessons from the military to coach high level executives.

Seeing how much his own children enjoyed learning from his army training in the outdoors and realising the importance of military command in the business and academic world, Monty felt there was also an opportunity to pass on these skills to other children from an early age by building a cadet club.

With proven experience working with children in the army cadets in the UK and as a qualified rugby coach, Monty went on to create The Overlord Academy in Dubai. The three troops (Patrollers, Pioneers & Rangers) are now ready to recruit new cadets!


Amy served in the British Army for over 10 years and ended her career as a Major. After commissioning from The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, she led multinational teams across the world in demanding terrains, including an operations tour of duty. She also served in a ceremonial role at The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and delivered world class ceremonial parades including The Queen’s Birthday Parade, State Visits and Gun Salutes, often attended by Her Majesty the Queen.
Amy has always had a thirst for adventure. She has completed the Marathon des Sables – a gruelling desert race of 7 marathons in 7 days. She has swum the English Channel, a 21 mile relay-swim across near freezing seas in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. She also represented the British Army in 4-way formation skydiving, downhill skiing and equestrian show jumping.
A mum of 4, Amy is looking to pass on the experiences, that have shaped who she is today, to the future generations of young adventurers at The Overlord Academy.

The Overlord academy

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All of our instructors are ex-soldiers or have graduated from the famous officer training academy in the UK known as the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS). Alumni include members of the Royal family such as Prince William, Prince Harry and key figures like Winston Churchill as well as UAE Royalty.
All our instructors have proven experience of leading teams in austere environments and how to survive in the field. They are now ready to share this with you too.