The Overlord Academy

About us

“We want to teach young people how to become inspirational leaders, effective team players, confident decision makers and more resilient individuals in the outdoors, so that they can thrive in later life.” – Monty
I grew up in New Jersey, in a modest Italian-American home with plastic covered couches. But when I was little, my mom taught me something that defined my whole life.

“Everything is

Meaning, there is nothing in life that you can’t experience, achieve, transform or transcend -— as long as you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, get in there, and go for it.


Monty is the founder and Chief Instructor at The Overlord Academy. After commissioning as an officer, he went on to serve for over 8 years in the British Army and conducted operations within a parachute Brigade all over the world. Since leaving the forces and studying at different business schools, Monty was surprised by how much of the corporate world used lessons from the military to coach high level executives.


Amy served in the British Army for over 10 years and ended her career as a Major. After commissioning from The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, she led multinational teams across the world in demanding terrains, including an operations tour of duty. She also served in a ceremonial role at The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and delivered world class ceremonial parades including The Queen’s Birthday Parade, State Visits and Gun Salutes, often attended by Her Majesty the Queen.

I have a hunch you’re here because you feel
the same way.

From the non-stop frenzy working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, to the well-heeled halls of Condé Nast publishing, to choreographing hip-hop on MTV and being one of the world’s first Nike Elite Dance Athletes, to publishing two international bestsellers, to founding a digital education company named in the Inc. 500, I’m undeniable proof that… Traditional rules were

Traditional rules were made to be broken.